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Long-term Japanese Course for Academic Advancement

I studied at Edo Cultural Center since October of 2011. When I first started, I found out the Japanese language was not an easy language to learn. At one point I felt very depressed and I wanted to give up. Thankfully, I met some great friends in school. They encouraged me and we studied together. They supported me a lot, so that I can hang on and complete the course. Beside the Japanese language course, there are other varieties of courses can be taken as well.
Outside of studies, I gained lots of valuable experience during my stay in Japan. At Edo Cultural Center, majority of students from different countries gathered together once in awhile to share their thoughts on things they learn; their lifestyle, their difficulties and the pleasant of school life in here. It was a great journey. Now I will like to invite all of you to join us and experience one of the best in Japan have to offer.

  • 李相和
  • 李相和


Long-term general course

I am currently studying at Edo Cultural Center. In my class, there are different types of students; ones who are working towards entering to Universities or Graduate schools and there are also the ones who are conveying for an employment. When time is permitted, students who are applying for jobs also give pointers to the University students. The class lesson is based on a personal schedule which draw out students’ interest. My favorite lesson is debate class because we get to express our opinions and also learn from others in which will enlighten our knowledge. Outside from classroom, we gather together and share our different culture experience in which we can learn from each other. The bond between teachers and students are like family. Teachers will provide the role as a listener as well an advisor to assist when difficulties occurs.
The school is enclosed with modern atmosphere and is located in the center of Tokyo where nearby is famous television stations such as TBS and Akasaka Sacas. It’s only 5 minutes walk from school to a big public park where you can do exercise. It also surround with cultural and entertainment facilities nearby.
Studying at Edo Cultural Center is a great experience that you don’t want to miss on. So come join us and I will show you why learning Japanese language is fun.

Graduate messages



International business course of International school of business

Joining the Edo Cultural Center was the best decision I made. Their professional staff had helped me a lot in many ways. With their help I gained knowledge and now I am studying in a Vocational School for my International business study. English, computer studies, business etiquette, bookkeeping and business administration are the major subjects I am studying. To further my knowledge of international business study, I plan to enter University afterwards.
Edo Cultural Center is located in Akasaka, the center of Tokyo where everything is very convenient. With easy access of transportation, it can take you to places in no time. Staff and students of the school know how to make you feel comfortable and make me feel like part of their big family.



CAD IT course of College of CAD Drafting

After graduated from Edo Cultural Center, I choose to study Information Technologies (IT) in a Vocational school. Although the subject is very difficult, but it is also the variety of career opportunities between Japan and Vietnam is my motivation to work hard for.
The most challenging part in Japanese language is the kanji lesson (writing session). With the patience from the teachers and my ability to adapt, learning to write in kanji wasn’t as difficult as it seems. I am truly amazed by the teachers in Edo Cultural Center by their willingness to help their students and wanting them to succeed. I am very proud to say I studied in Edo Cultural Center.

張 倩穎


Broadcasting Art course of Toho Gakuen School.

Being a producer of a television and radio production company is my dream career. To fulfill it, I apply to a vocational school to further my knowledge in multi-media. Communication is one of the major components to succeed in this industry and I know language is my weakness; especially learning Japanese honorific language. Edo Cultural Center provided me the necessary help on my weakness and also as a bridge to expand my social networking. Now I have friends from all over the world (from Korea, Vietnam all the way to Middle East and Africa). In Edo Cultural Center, we’re all seen as equal and there’s no extra special treatment for any student because we are all here to learn the Japanese language together.

沈 天宇


Department of Social Welfare of Meiji Gakuin University

I am studying Social Welfare in Meiji Gakuin University. I remembered when I was a student in Edo Cultural Center, the experience was unforgettable. As I step foot into the school, I saw these people helping each and supporting one another with a smile on their face. The teachers and students quickly make me feel like home. Because of the language barrier, it took me awhile to learn and understand the vocabularies. Thankfully, the teachers in Edo Cultural Center are willing to help; by teaching me different methods of memorizing vocabularies and also talk to me daily to improve my conversational skills. I’m glad I went to Edo Cultural Center not only improve my studies, but also help me grown as a person that I am today.